See what students have to say about the Seraphim Blueprint classes and the benefits received



Increased Peace & Self Awareness

"I have taken two levels of Seraphim Blueprint classes so far; I noticed subtle effects right away - calmer, less anxiety, increase in my confidence, increase in my own inner strength and knowingness, increase in my confidence around my intuition, increase in my ability to verbalize to others how energy feels and works in an environment, and an increase in a feeling of connection with others and them feeling connected with me.  


Rebecca has a unique, independent spirit that is open and accepting which radiates to others and allows the student to develop in their own sense of independence in working with these energies.  I think the Seraphim Blueprint energies have a beautiful purity to them and I have really enjoyed the classes and plan to take the rest of the levels."

 ~ Deb, hospice nurse in training.



Improved Mood/Decreased Pain

"Seraphim Blueprint Energies have truly been a blessing! I was in a very dark place, physically, mentally and emotionally, almost non-functioning. A few days after Rebecca downloaded Seraphim Blueprint Energies for me, I “woke up” to living and functioning again. Everything began to have meaning once more as the darkness slowly slipped away to be replaced with light and happiness.


It is a great comfort to me to know that these energies are permanently downloaded within my being and can be used anytime as the need arises. I call upon these healing energies frequently, especially when the darkness tries to come back. In addition, it is proving to be helpful for the reduction of my chronic pain.


I might add that I don’t feel the energies, but rather, I can see the results of these energies - and the results are awesome.  Forever grateful!"

~ LMS, retired (level one graduate)


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