Home or Office Balancing

What is This?

I provide sessions to balance the energy of your home, office or any other space.  Have you ever noticed that you just don't spend a lot of time in certain rooms in your house?  Do you experience areas around your land or property that don't seem to thrive, no matter what you do?  Perhaps, you go to your office and find that you get very anxious, for no apparent reason, in certain places of the building.  It is possible the space is simply out of balance.


Just like people, places and spaces can become energetically unbalanced over time.  There are numerous reasons the energy in a home or office can become negative and unbalanced; and this can affect your productivity, happiness, and even your health.


Using the BodyTalk process I will simply ask what needs to be realigned, balanced and reconnected within the space to promote a better state of energy.  The results can be quite profound.


Pricing is $150 per space balancing.  Please contact me for more information or to schedule a balancing today!

See What's Possible . . .

"Rebecca did a BodyTalk House Balancing/Clearing for me over a month ago and I am still amazed at the wonderful results! I highly recommend this therapy! Over time I had developed an aversion to sleeping in my bedroom because I always woke up in a dark mood, depressed, hopeless and so fatigued I could hardly get out of bed. But I knew I would feel ok once I was up and out of the bedroom. 


Rebecca discovered some very unhealthy energies in my home and on the property which she cleared and balanced. The very first morning after our session I woke up happy, energetic, knowing life is worth living and confident the day would be great. The old dark, hopeless feelings in the morning have not returned and I continue to enjoy waking up, rested, full of energy and "happy for no reason"! Thank you Rebecca!"   ~  L.S., Retired Homeowner, Washington

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